Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Because It Doesn't Blanche! Because It Doesn't!

There's just a concept out there that religion doesn't belong in schools," said Whitehead, whose group acted as co-counsel for Borden.

And, in fact, it doesn't.

Someone else look at the sick marriage between high school sports and xianity and "gift" me with an explanation from their "faith community" of how xianity isn't patriarchy.

Or, don't.

NB: Denial of cert. means nothing one way or the other.

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Thalia said...

Y'all were way too polite in that comment thread at Wild Hunt. I mean, seriously, two dudes (even if one of them is Pagan) arguing "back and forth" about whether Christianity is patriarchal? Dudes, seriously, go wank off someplace else.

Just... gaaah. I got no words. Except, maybe, to the evangelist idiot who asserts, against all reality, that Christianity is not patriarchal: Dude, what are you, fucking high?

nanoboy said...

Well, it does depend on the brand of Christianity. For instance, a lot of the Episcopalians are pretty much egalitarian. At least, they openly aspire to it.

The Southern Baptists? Not so much.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

I'm sorry, but I don't think it depends on the brand of Christianity.

It's part of their Holy Writ.
Women, animals and the planet - objects of ownership.

If a sect has a different take on it, well they're refuting their own Bible.

Terri in Joburg

Makarios said...
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Makarios said...

Sorry, earlier post contained a typo.

From the WaPo article:

The district, Borden argued, was violating his free-speech rights by ordering him to stop action he called secular signs of respect. After the ban, the coach stood at attention for the remainder of the season while the students prayed.

"Secular signs of respect?" Does he think that anyone, even for a moment, believes that nauseating nonsense? It never fails to flabbergast me, Christian that I am, to see how proponents of Christian exceptionalism and triumphalism will lie transparently, unashamedly, and with a straight face, in defence of their efforts to ram their beliefs and practices down the throats of everyone else.

nanoboy said...

Bear in mind that not all Christians are Biblical literalists. The church in which my wife and I were married generally called the Holy Spirit "she." They were also pro gay marriage in the 1980s. Most of their priests have been female.

Now, I'll grant that most denominations are at least a little bit patriarchal, but there are some that are pretty far from it. I don't know of many non-fundie churches that promote the idea that a man owns his wife. Then again, I don't really have a big dog in the fight. I'm a Deist, after all.

Sia said...

Rock'n photo, too.