Friday, March 06, 2009

We Own You

Here's NTodd linking to Jeffers, who says:

Poverty is a social condition that puts us in charge of your life, and allows us to judge how you live in your poverty. Your money is, ultimately, your identity. If we strip you of all your money, we strip you of your identity, too. Your self-worth, your integrity, your self-esteem: all belong to us. Everything has it's price, and when you are poor, when you are impoverished and have to go to a soup kitchen to hope as kind and beautiful a woman as Michelle Obama smiles at you and serves you a hot meal, then you must certainly pay the piper, and you are more clearly a commodity than at any other time or position in your life. We own you, because you have become a public figure: you are poor. You are more nakedly dependent on our largess than the rest of society, so you are ours, and we will exact our payment for our charity.

And here's me going: THAT'S what I was talking about last night when I said that everyone feels free to weigh in on how each woman uses her womb.

Hi, Jeffers! Welcome to my world!

Photo here.

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