Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do You Ever Have Days Like This? I Do.

Someone could walk into this room and say, "Your life is on fire.
It's all over the evening news.
All about the fire in your life on the evening news."

Photo found here.


Terraluna said...

I am blessed to work for a bankruptcy law firm and have little fear of immanent layoff. But overwhelmed doesn't begin to describe the workload the past couple of months. Or the number of deeply frightened, confused, angry, and shamed people I have to calm and reassure every day.

I've been having so much trouble letting go of it all and grounding that I was getting worried about my own mental health. So I was happily surprised when I drew the circle Sunday night, and my friend called the quarters, and suddenly there was nothing at all anywhere but the sweet and silly welcome to spring that we performed.

And I love Paul Simon.

Lee Walter said...

I love the poster, but when we went to the company that originated it, we found stuff like this:

Kind of put a damper on my enthusiasm.