Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Howling At The Moon

Last night, my amazing circle of women came together to do magic beneath the Full Moon.

When we went out onto the deck to, literally, howl at the moon, something howled back. It came from a long way away, and I'm not sure if it was a dog or a wolf, but whatever it was, it heard us, and answered us, and reminded us that we are not alone. Reminded us that, the moment we turn to the dark, wild, misty side of ourselves, the universe is waiting there to answer us.

And, all day, driving to work, sitting at my computer, loading the dishwasher, I keep remembering that spooky, answering howl coming through the mist, and I smile to myself. I smile the deep, secret smile of a witch.


Lucy Fur Leaps said...

Hooray! How wonderful. Those moments of connection are visceral. My son, who is nearly two, is obsessed with the moon and the clouds parted long enough for us to admire it last night. He blows kisses and waves and gets very excited to see it shining away.

RetroKali said...

Something very nourishing about this full moon....perhaps you heard the howl inside you, too.

Celestite said...


Trishb said...

I love it! One of my mini schnauzers howls occasionally - for the tornado sirens, the emergency vehicles, etc. It's a beautiful reminder of the wild creature within the domestic exterior.

Lee said...

Those Welsh wolves reminded me of the whale song recordings I've heard. Beautiful and enchanting.