Monday, March 23, 2009

Her's The One

Light blogging while I get through this crunch at work/hayfever/etc.

G/Son stayed with me this weekend and we were sitting out on the screen porch. I was filling little pots w/ potting soil and he was drinking juice and examining this little, kind of kitchy, statue, that a friend gave me, of a fairy sitting underneath a flower. He was intrigued with the idea of a girl sitting underneath a flower and I was chatting about growing some sunflowers this summer that would be big enough for him to sit under. He was turning the statue around and he said, "Nonna, she has wings! Girls don't have wings." I said, "Well, she's a fairy. Some fairies have wings." G/Son suddenly became quite interested and turned the statue around and around, examining it in detail.

"So, her's the one what takes the mimis, and the bottles, and the diapers." (A "mimi" for the uninitiated, is a pacifier. G/Son just turned three.)

I didn't know that it was a fairy who'd taken away those things, but I said, "Yes, sometimes when things that we really like go missing, the fairies took them. But they don't really mean any mischief. They just don't think."

G/Son: "I might find her underneath a flower."

If I were that fairy, I'd hide, but good.

Picture found here

I'd tell my friends to quit pulling Miss Thing's tail, too, I would. G/Son likes Miss Thing and the feeling is mutual.


clymela said...

although I am encouraged and tutored by all your offerings I must say it is your reports on weekends with your grandson that bring the greatest delight and encouragement for me. Love you and through you I love him. what a great "nana".
Caught a hint from others: how do I arrange the time for the reading? Also , I found the Kaiser postcard telling me that everything appears well. do you want a copy?

Hecate said...


Email me at and we'll do your reading.