Monday, May 25, 2009

Obama Restaurant Watch

Turns out, the president loves cripsy-edged pancakes. He and G/Son share a love. It's also cool how he keeps inviting restaurant owners from around the country to show up at the WH and fix food.

President Barack Obama has a craving for Pittsburgh pancakes.
He's invited two local women to the White House for a very special honor.
The president ate at
Pamela's Diner in the Strip District during a campaign event last year.
Among many breakfast selections, the thin, crispy-edged pancakes are a favorite.
The co-owners of Pamela's are now on their way to Washington D. C.
President Obama asked if they would cater a pancake breakfast for him and more than 80 veterans this Memorial Day.

Picture of Obama at Pamela's here.


Anne Johnson said...

That's a class act. Hope you had fun in BS! (*jealous*)

geor3ge said...

I love this series.

monkeyBoy said...

Those were elitist crêpe like pancakes, not true American fluffy pancakes.

This was an even bigger gaffe than using Dijon mustard.