Saturday, May 30, 2009

Obama Restaurant Watch

Apparently, the first family really likes Five Guys. Obama made another burger run yesterday, this time to Five Guys at 1500 South Capitol Street, SE. I'm glad he skipped the Dupont Circle one. They had to close down for rat infestation a few weeks ago.


xan said...

"You can drive out the forest with a pitchfork, but the forest always returns..."

--attribution long forgotten, some Roman maybe?

besides, you're always saying you want more wild/greenspace intermingled with cities. They're doing their part, see? :)

every restaurant has vermin trouble, if not rodents then insects. Sometimes it's worse than other times. You beat it/them back for awhile, but they regroup. Constant vigilance, as MadEye tells us.

(and today's capcha is "wingr". Teehee.)

Ruth said...

Oh, noez, the right wing discovered Dupont Circle! bring on some cats, that's how we kept them down in the hayloft.