Monday, May 18, 2009

Witches In Urban Centers

They tend way more towards Wicca 101 than towards Wicca 102 (not that there's not a need for good Wicca 101 books), but I generally enjoy Ellen Dugan's books. I'll likely buy her new book on Wiccan gardenging as much for the section on urban gardening, as anything else. Most Wiccans today live not on communes in the woods, but in urban centers, something far too few Pagan authors acknowledge.

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Anne Johnson said...

If you haven't seen my friend Nettle's blog, "A Druid's Apprentice," she has some interesting posts about urban gardening. She lives in a row house in West Philly.

Teacats said...

I LOVE Ellen Dugan's books -- my favorite is "Cottage Witchery" I've always appreciated the fact that she includes ideas for suburban magic -- for inside and outside a very basic house (like mine!) And -- as a master gardener -- she has maintained the fact that gardens can be grown anywhere and in many settings and for many different purposes. Thanks for mentioning her book!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage