Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coffee Time

This is part of my daily practice. I'm back from my morning walk, I've got a cup of fresh-ground coffee in my hand (my mug says: You Pray. I Dance Naked in the Forest!) and I'm walking around the garden seeing what's happening. This morning, I have daisies, which Landscape Guy convinced me I could grow even with all my shade, and dill blossoms among the lavender. The bees adore it.

What is your morning practice?


Teacats said...

Less-than-ideal. Rise. Groan, grumble at cranky cats and stretch out creaky back while opening window for one cat, making hot tea, toast, feeding all dancing cats and cleaning out litter box. Squint at computer screen and swear at the fact that the temperatures will be just above Fry level. Deep breath. Cough and drink hot tea. Thank the Lady for electricity. Water the herbs and sweep the front porch.

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Celestite said...

Leap out of bed greeting the dawn, stretch, sing a song to the elements.
Ok, reality....crawl out of bed shoving cats out of the way...NOW you guys want to sleep! Make coffee and drink it like a junkie. Let the dogs out, check business email, totter off to the shower. Emerge from shower feeling human, work for a while on computer, dress, run off to work, promising myself that TOMORROW I will do more than light a candle and say good morning to Goddess. At least I got that much done.
I do have a little ritual that starts my day right, if I would just do it everyday. I do often greet the Elements with the dawn as I am driving to work.

Andygrrrl said...

After I shower, I stand before my altar and do the Self-Blessing I learned from Z. Budapest's Holy Book. I use a frankincense and myrrh body butter to anoint myself. It really is good mental health, she ain't kidding!

And 3 mornings a week I get up and go for a jog in the park, say hello to the flowers and trees.

I really want your coffee mug though! Where did you get it?

Anne Johnson said...

Your dill/lavendar blossoms look like fireworks.

I have some scary mornings, especially in the wintertime. The alarm will go off, and I'll DREAM that I'm getting up and going into the shower. One of these days I'm going to dream my way right into the school parking lot... oh man ... how will I explain that to my boss?

Livia Indica said...

I'm really loving your photos lately, really nice green growing things you and Landscape Guy have got going.

My wake up routine is somewhat similar: the six dogs and I, as well as a couple cats, walk all around the yard seeing what is blooming, what needs deadheading, what needs other attention. We note the clouds, the smell in the air, the sounds of the bugs, birds and frogs. We dig for moles and voles, play with the cats and watch the weather.