Thursday, July 02, 2009

Dark Day Lilies

These are the new day lilies that Landscape Guy put in the other week. The first three are Sir Mordred and the last two are Bela Lugosi. We also put in a bunch of Ice Carnival (white) and Satan's Revenge (v. dark), but those two aren't blooming, yet. It will take a few years for these new lilies to grow in as thickly as the old orange ones, but I'm loving them already.

What's the darkest thing you grow?


xan said...

Hmm. (scratches head.) At the moment I have to say "grape hyacinth" but that is subject to modification once the morning glories open up.

As this year's batch/patch is made up of leftover seeds from at least three previous years, and I never buy the same color twice, I have no idea at this point. They are climbing the deck lattice (covering the rubbish stored underneath) nicely, albeit with holes in leaves, but have not flowered yet.

It is a Mystery. Which gives you some idea of what a dull life I lead, if that's the best I can do in that area. :)

Lavanah said...

Viola Molly Sanderson. They are very nearly black, with yellow centers. I call them my Persephone flowers.

Rhode Island Rules said...

Gorgeous! I never heard of those varieties, maybe they are right for New England. And my guess is you don't have many deer in your yard? I can't grow lilies (or hosta) because the buds are like candy to deer. I only get the stalks.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

Prunus Niger. A close relative, it turns out, of the Hawthorn, so I'm very happy to have it there, in the East.
The flowers are pink, but the foliage is dark brown to purple.
And then there's the Aconite, to use the other meaning of 'dark'. I have no idea how it got there, but it stays.
Terri in Joburg

His Precious said...

Those are beautiful. I love the dark reds!


Lee said...

They look as if they were made of fire! Dark embers surrounding a glowing heart. Beautiful.