Sunday, June 07, 2009

Voting In Virginia

Virginia is having a Democratic primary election on Tuesday. Not that anybody's hankering for the witch's endorsement (No, really, please. Vote for my opponent; and be sure to tell everyone that you're doing so!) but here's how I'll be voting:

Governor: Brian Moran. Why? His website says: As a legislative leader, he consistently fought to uphold a woman’s right to choose. Brian has a strong pro-choice record and will take that record and his commitment to women’s rights to the governor’s office. Can't find anything on Craig Deed's site about his position on choice. And no way I'm supporting McAuliffe in the primary.

Lieutenant Governor: Mike Signer. Why? Nothing on his website about choice, but that's true of his opponent, as well. So generally, I'd go with Jody Wagner, because we need more women in Richmond, but Son knows Signer and assures me that Signer is solidly pro-choice. He'd better be.

For Arlington's Delegate: Alan Howze. Why? His website says: Strengthen Workplace Protections
Support the right of women to receive equal pay for equal work.
Strengthen workplace discrimination laws
Strengthen whistleblower protections

Protect Reproductive Rights
Fully support a women's right to choose.
Support efforts to reduce abortions through family planning and making contraceptives affordable and easily accessible
Support access for morning after contraceptive without a prescription
Support teaching age appropriate sex-ed in schools
Pharmacists should be required to provide all medicines prescribed by doctors and should not be allowed to deny women reproductive control by choosing not to fulfill selected prescriptions

The other candidates either don't mention women's rights or tuck them away and give them little emphasis.

Get to the polls on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...


I live in the NEW RIVER VALLEY.
I voted today at my local library at about 1:30 pm and was #41. :(
The polling folks were eating lunch and I had to interrupt them to vote.
They admitted "things were a little slow."