Friday, August 07, 2009

My New Name For A Blog

What Diane Sylvan Said.

I, personally, am a panentheist. I believe that God exists within the manifest world, and also beyond it. God is in every molecule and in the space between, as well as all that lies outside of reality. God is the potter and the pot, as well as the wheel and the specs of dust on the floor.

To me, it does not matter what name or face you put on the divine, or how many gods you worship. What matters is that your religion, whatever its name or trappings, makes you a better person and helps you to leave the world better than you found it.

Does your spiritual path help you navigate the emotional waters of life? Does it support your growth and encourage you to think for yourself? Does your god/gods/goddess/whatever lift you up, or leave you feeling guilty and ashamed? Would your god ever ask you to harm someone in his or her name? Would you really want to worship a god who did?

The vocabulary, the altars, the Sunday dresses, the candles and incense, don't matter one lick if at the end of the day your life is not enriched by your spirituality.

Religion and spirituality should be about communion, not separation; connection, not rigid categories and rote. It should bring you closer to spirit, your own soul, and other people.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Honestly, that left me feeling all fuzzy, warm, and tingly.

clymela said...

You said it for me so very well