Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Dispatch From Our Glorious War On Xmas

Ya Think?

[W]hy do Christian groups insist on this campaign year after year? I think the answer to that question may be, alas, crass commercialism. A 2006 story from the Religion News Service reported that the American Family Association sold more than 500,000 buttons and 125,000 bumper stickers bearing the slogan “Merry Christmas: It’s Worth Saving.” The Alliance Defense Fund sold about 20,000 “Christmas Packs” that same year. The packs, available for a suggested $29 donation, included a three-page legal memo and two lapel pins.

The bottom line here is, well, the bottom line: The Christmas wars are a financial windfall for the organizations that whip up this frenzy. The Christmas wars have become, ironically, the ultimate commercialization of Christmas.

I’m not saying that there are times when we Christians shouldn’t stand up for our rights, but when we fire all our weapons in such a meaningless skirmish, we alienate potential allies, and we have no ammunition for the battles that matter.


Teacats said...

Seasons Greetings! Thats the sign I put on the front of our little house! And if someone wishes me a Merry Christmas -- I simply say "and the same to you!" ((I do wonder if the more British version of "Happy Christmas" is a problem for them! LOL! or how about "Father Christmas" instead of Santa Claus))

Happy Yule! Brightest Blessings on Winter Solstice! Good Will and Peace and Prosperity for All!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Makarios said...

The bottom line? Of course. That's one of the reasons that the leaders of the religious Reich are always finding something at which to be outraged. It's a great moneyspinner for them, as they appeal to their adherents for yet more donations to support the fight against the latest threat to the Christianist hegemony.

Nancy Green said...

They had conniptions when Best Buy dared to wish their Muslim customers a happy Eid.