Saturday, November 28, 2009

Woman Murdered In London For Being A "Witch"

The increased murder of women because they are seen as witches isn't confined to Africa and Asia.

A divorced father of three from north London stabbed his mother 21 times after becoming convinced she was a witch and had put a curse on him, a court has heard.

Kayode Kuye tortured and killed Christina Kuye, 69, because he believed she had ruined his life with a black magic spell, the Old Bailey was told.

I'm planning to do some personal magic at Yule to protect women from this madness. Will you join me?


Anne Johnson said...

Madness is the operative word.

greekwitch said...

I am in! What is this? Modern witchtrials the home edition?

Teacats said...

I'm with you -- on Solstice and on Yule! Such sheer madness indeed!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Kate said...

"Will you join me?"


Hermgirl said...

Count me in too! This is a horrifying trend. I'm not even sure it's a trend, but it sure is horrifying.

Marya said...

I'm with you.

Livia Indica said...

There's more to this story! The man in question is originally from Africa, yes, but he's clearly mentally ill IMHO. Schizophrenia can turn even the most kind and logical person into a monster.
Before my brother was hospitalized his voices told him to hold his breath or he would suffer hundreds of years of "rape and persecution". So he held his breath and held his breath and kept on doing it until it nearly killed him. The illness and delusions were so strong that he held his breath until he gave himself a pneumothorax and a hole in his lung! So, as horrifying as it sounds, I have no trouble believing that this man might actually be a good guy whose screwed up brain chemistry forced him to commit a hideous act. The fact that his particular delusion included the idea of his mother being an evil witch is, to me, immaterial. Or, rather, it's just another example of the archetype of the evil witch still festering in our collective unconscious. And it's a good idea to work magic to fight the potentially deadly effects of said archetype. But working magic to increase our knowledge of the brain, and how to treat its disorders, is the course I'll take in this case.

Tina said...

Yes. Count me in from Maryland.