Sunday, November 15, 2009

Going, Going, Going . . . .

Fit For A Queen

crone living with cancer making friends with death
funeral plans and pre-death rituals become a community affair
double saturn return brings a beautifully pagan croning ceremony
gaia at her radiant best green rolling hills rocky knoll sacred tree
blazing fires calling ancestors venus attending in the night sky
lesbian clan singing as i enter the third trimester of my life
a celtic warrior queen walking with ancestors
time now to prepare my beloved daughters my precious sisters
my devoted family my special friends
for my journey towards a complete and peaceful death
warrior queen reigning over life
wounds healed in heart mind and spirit
wisdom and life stories shared and stored
wrapped in a magnificent croning cloak
decorated with thoughtfulness by my female clan
patches stitched beaded and drawn
celebrating each woman's connection to me
inspiring creative colourful moving delightful
patches continue to arrive as cloak is destined for shroud
when living is done safe nurtured and cloaked in love
when journeying to the land of the dead
no queen will travel as gloriously robed as i
in the colors and handcraft of my precious
friends family and beloved lesbian clan
scottish lass to celtic warrior queen
i delight in the depths and joys of this time of my life.

~Anah Holland-Moore, quoted in We'Moon 2009

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