Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pears In Sage Butter

One result of joining a CSA is that you get pushed to come up with recipes for foods that you might not often cook. I like pears, but I generally don't buy them at the store on the theory that they're too hard when you buy them and they'll go soft all of a sudden and be wasted. But they're high in fiber and have Vitamins C and K, to boot. However, my CSA has been providing them and, even after splitting my small, organic box with two other witches, there are enough pears left to make me go look for recipes.

My CSA is split about 50/50 between fruit and vegetables and, sure, you can take the fruit and eat it raw for lunch, but, especially this time of year, I often prefer it warm. These pears in sage butter are delicious, easy, warming.

Pick and chop up sage leaves.
Melt butter (I use half butter and half olive oil)
Saute sage leaves until butter browns.
Slice and saute pears.

I've done the same thing with apples, bananas, and squash. All good.


Marcellina said...


ERG said...

I was just talking to Todd about how instead of thinking of what to cook and then going to the store to buy it, a CSA makes you find things to cook with all the stuff you have. Tonight we are roasting kale!

Hecate said...


Roasted kale sounds great; got a recipe?

And, I agree, it's one of the fun things about a CSA.

Teacats said...

Oooooo lovely!

And for you .....

The Charter for Compassion.

left me in tears.

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Great combination! Ta. Will do.

Double Jointed Fingers said...

I was just looking at some pears in my fruit bowl, wondering what I could make with them. And, I also have fresh sage on my windowsill. Will surely try this today.

Anonymous said...

H, as I mentioned, I poached my pear in plum infused white tea, which is basically chopping the pear up, pouring in about already prepared tea (any kind will do) o cover it, and putting the bowl in the microwave for a few minutes.

I'm thinking about sometime getting some of those 1 inch phyllo dough shells, putting in some chopped pear, and crumbling some bleu or gorgonzola cheese over it and baking or nuking until the cheese melts a bit, so I'll have some nice little savory tarts.

THe internet is also great for entering the vegetables on our CSA list and see what recipes pop up. I still want to try theose squash scones.