Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Another Short Day, Another Long, Long Night

More and more, what calls to us just now is dark, hibernation, rest, the deep. Snowstorms blanket the country and, yet, so many of us ignore the clear message from Mother Gaia: Stay home! and try to pretend that we don't live on a weathery planet, but in some technological bubble where we can always go about as if it were 70 degrees and sunny. The flu, car accidents, broken ankles, and a sense of displacement and anger are the inevitable results. Some great, great, many times great G/Daughter of mine will live on one of those starships, but I don't.

I live on a watery planet that spends at least three months out of every year telling me to stay home, cover up, drink warm tea, wear socks, have a fire, consume soup, feed the birds, and contemplate the deep message in desiccated weeds and skeleton-bare trees.

Yes, in a few weeks, my lovely blue planet/Mother will turn, the days will begin to grow longer, I will turn my focus to the light, to action, to growth, to activity, to the East. But, not yet. Not yet. We do ourselves and our planet wrong to turn too quickly to the light.

Just now, the darkness is growing. We can be with that. We can be of that. We can be for that. Just now, we can explore the darkness, both the darkness within ourselves and the darkness in the world outside. What is the scariest thing that would happen if you paid attention to the dark? What is the scariest thing that will happen if you repress it?

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Rhode Island Rules said...

The scariest thing is that I would give in to the dark. I would stay in bed all day if I could. I can't because I have a job and have to keep it and bring in money to support myself and others.

I do not like this time of year and only start feeling better around late April. But I do understand and honor it. I know that it is necessary. I just wish we could hibernate like other creatures in order to get through.

Teacats said...

A chilly video from Unto Ashes "Winter Born"

I feel that if I try to repress the darkness that it creeps up when I least expect it -- especially in dreams .... and I tend to have night terrors!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

ERG said...

One thing about the timing of Samuel's arrival is that it's allowed me slow down and nest at the most wonderful time. It was snowing this morning around 4 while I was nursing and I watched flakes fall for over an hour. I don't remember feeling more peaceful.

Teacats said...

Another video -- S.J. Tucker's "Witches Rune"

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Thalia Took said...

Ha! My thoughts exactly. All these lights, lights everywhere has just seemed so damned disrespectful to me lately. I want black. Black black black.