Friday, December 11, 2009

The Stupid

It Burns.

Religion permeated life in the first century, but no one today would recognize their gods, except as curios in history books. Roman and Greek gods, ethnic religions and native American (North, Mid and South) religions are extinct or virtually unknown to the world.


Lindsey said...

*headdesk* Really? Extinct?

Anonymous said...

One more example of a "journalist" who has no idea what their talking about. Oi.

Teacats said...

Classic Stupid.

Hitting head on desk.((can we do a Group Forehead Slap??))

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

pluky said...

The only thing worse than an ignorant person, is an ignorant person who presumes everyone else is equally ignorant.

Thalia Took said...

You know, when I got caught for being a 'Satanist' in Wompatuck State Park back in 1988 (I was in the SCA and a bunch of us were using the park for a photo shoot for another's art project), an 'editorial' ran in one of the local idiot papers (the Patriot Ledger, I do believe) asking why it was a bad thing that the Aztecs were wiped out? Religion was a matter of right and wrong, after all, and you couldn't just 'choose' one.

Sorry to see assholes like that are still afoot in the world. I keep having this stubborn hope that we as a species are capable of learning. Silly, silly me.