Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kali On A Cracker

One wishes so that the Frosts would just stay away from the issue of teen pregnancy.

For example: Nearly 90 percent of teen girls are now single mothers. Well, no. More here. Ninety percent of teen girls are not single mothers. And saying so just makes you look ridiculous. Please. Stop.

America has a huge amount of growing up to do w/r/t sex. Wiccans could be a large part of that maturation process, with our sex-positive attitudes. It saddens me to see elders, such as the Frosts, make that process immeasurably more difficult.

Picture found here.


Kate said...

Lame. Also? When people say "do sex" my ass twitches.

I left a comment asking, politely, for some source material. There are a lot of bold claims there; let's see how many they can back.

bb mumblings said...

i cannot find any of this in the linked article... removed?