Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Will Get Through This Winter

Birds hatching in nests.


That yellow/pink color of green haze that hovers over the trees just before the leaves pop out.

Cherry blossoms by the Jefferson Memorial in the moonlight.

Fresh watercress.

The scent of daffodils and tulips.

Purple and black jelly beans.

Cocktails on the screen porch, even if a sweater is needed.

Green grass.

Sudden showers warm enough to dance in.

Pink sunrises, earlier and earlier, every day.

Going outside in a light cotton dress.

Bare feet, even when it is a bit too early.

The return of the mourning doves.

The first day that the baby squirrels come down from their nest in the crape myrtle.

The way the dirt feels in your hands when you plant seeds.

Go on, you add yours.

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Anonymous said...

Spring in New York for me is watching my cardinal couple flying around my backyard looking for just the right addition to their nest and enjoying the two beautiful crab apple trees in my yard almost, almost ready to bloom until one day, they explode with flowers and scents that are dazzling.

I think my mourning doves never went away. I swept a place clear of snow on a bench (under the crab apple tree) and poured some seeds. Later, I watched what looked like a mourning dove taking turns sharing her space with the female cardinal.

greekwitch said...

It is hard to think of spring right now. We had one of the worst storms here for ages! I miss the feeling of the sun on my skin. Walks in the cool night and the smells of flowers.

Melissæ said...

Sleeping with the windows open.

Feeling of warm sunlight kissing my cheek.

The Fireflies, the fireflies!

I think I must include my word verification: "colde"

Thalia Took said...

Rebecca Guay painted that picture of Ostara.

Teacats said...

-Watching the green belt across the street return to a lush green!

-Switching the decor here from its Winter Wear to its Spring Green

-Resuming my war with the fat green weeds .... usually the weeds win .... but the pulling and swearing are good therapy

-Crisp pinot grigio and salad

-Hot tea outside on the old pub bench by the front door

-Polishing my old brass Green Man knocker on the front door

-Purchasing fresh mats for the doors

-visiting the Garden centers and finding more herbs for my garden

-yellow and white daffodils; pink geraniums; bluebonnets; irises

-washing the car

Jan at Rosemary Cottage -- where the nows if actually piling up here in Dallas! LOL!

The Wizardess epi said...

Crocuses...purple, white, yellow, coming right up beside a patch of snow.

Anonymous said...

The catkins on the pussywilllows.

Days warm and clear enough to hang the laundry out to dry.

The happy 'spring' song of the birds at my feeders.


Kite-flying with the kids.


The smell of hyacinths under my bedroom window.

Leaving the sunroom door open all day for the cats to chase each other in and out like maniacs in the fresh air.

Robins kicking snowy leaves out of their way as they look for worms on the front lawn...

Filling tiny herb and vegetable seedlings into their nursery flats.

Wild violets.

The baby bunnies coming out from under the footbridge in the fairy garden.

Chipmunks playing tag and startle.

Toads at the front door.

Hummingbirds at the front window.

I've had enough winter...