Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Can Love The Land And It Can Love Us Back

In our language, the word for our bodies contains the word for land. Everytime I say that word . . . I'm saying that I'm from the land and my body is the land.

What our grandparents have said is that the land feeds us but we feed the land as well. We live on the land and we use the land and, in so doing, we impact the land: we can destroy it, or we can love the land it can love us back.

~Jeannette Armstrong, quoted in We'Moon 2012.

Picture found here.


Sia said...

Love both words and image. Thank you.

Isn't it amazing to be snowed in like our ancestors with the tech still working?

If only we were as advanced when it came to caring for Gaia.

You are in my thoughts,


Anonymous said...

Amazing image Hecate.