Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My New Name For A Blog

What watertiger Said. Goddess, what a freaking disappointment. Still, he's likeable enough.

I'll just say this, and it will just piss everyone off, but I'm under a geis like Cassandra. For the millionth, predictable, partiarchially-determined time, people went for the cool, suddenly "likeable," younger, inexperienced guy over the mean old woman who'd paid the dues that they ( and by "they" I mean the patriarchy) always used to tell us ( and by "us," I mean women) that we had to pay to get the job.

I've seen this a million times in my career.

And the result is always the damn same.

And, so, since I'm in full "piss everyone off" mode, thanks so much to all of those young, "post-feminist" women who made fun of us old broads in our "boxy blazers" and voted for the "cool guy" sure that they, they, they were too special to need to work with "old" feminists.

I hope you're happy now.

No, I don't.


nanoboy said...

Honestly, I think Hillary would have been more conservative. In the primary, I voted for the most liberal of the candidates who had a chance.

annl said...

What could of been if we weren't such cowards. She truly believes in women.

Lee said...

I voted for the "cool young guy" because I believed he offered a new, more female way of doing politics. HC succeeded by being just like the men and I don't want more patriarchy. Of course, I was wrong about him but that doesn't mean I wish I had voted for her.

Delphyne said...

Oh, Hecate - I'm not at all pissed off by your post. I love it! Thank you - the cool young guy has continued every horrific thing that Bush/Cheney did and expanded them in some cases. I said to family and friends that Obama would be worse than Bush - unfortunately, I didn't know just how much worse he would be.

Anonymous said...

If you're that desperate for a woman in office you should've voted for Palin then.

*Flashes Finger right back at ya*