Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Well, Really, I Don't Mind If I Do Bug Ya.

Dude. I know that this is going to come as a shock to you, but . . .

For example, in an audio commentary I noted the blatant paganism at the 2006 games in Greece where the ancient gods were not so much depicted as curiosities of mankind’s religious history with the possibility of a few moral axioms derivable occasionally from these myths when approached as literature. Rather, adoration of these entities was approached as a viable system of belief around which humanity could draw ongoing sustain inspiration moving the world towards cultural unification.

. . . but worship of the ancient Gods and Goddesses IS a viable system of belief around [sic] which humanity can (and does) draw ongoing sustaine[ed] inspiration, moving the world towards, if not cultural unification, then peaceful coexistence.

Am I buggin' ya? I don't mean ta bug ya.

But, in the end, as is so often the case, it's really all about racism:

Though there are numerous jokes that could be made about these two, the important issue is the role guardian spirits and orcas that transform into white bears play in American Indian mythology and belief systems. From as much hoopla that is being made about so-called "native populations" of the Pacific Northwest, one would assume that not Whites lived there or at least ones that did not go around with their shoulders slouched and their heads hunched for simply being White. Since Whites pay taxes too and are less likely to be on the public dole, shouldn't they get some kind of honorable mention for contributing to the culture or at least the economy of the area?

Enjoy your long, slow, walk into extinction. Our grandchildren will no more understand your paranoia than they understand why doctors used to bleed sick people.

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Anonymous said...

Get Real. There was NO daylight between the policies of candidate Clinton and candidate Obama. I'm really getting tired of all the moaning about Hilary stemming from this bizarre idea that she would've been TOTALLY different just because she has a Vag.

From one of those young, female Obama voters, and you're welcome.