Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Garden Blogging

The first day lily to bloom is a Sir Mordred.


chicago dyke said...

Mordred. such a sad tale. i can't imagine being the product of incest. how awful. the bloom is very attractive, and correctly colored. blood red, for all the blood that union caused (mythologically, of course :-)

you know what would be cool as shit? a "Mists of Avalon" garden bed. i haven't read it in a while, but i recall that they talk about plants all the time in it. woad, that sort of thing. toss in a couple of moon flowers and some stuff that does well in misty conditions, and you've got a fun theme that most of us plant people would understand. this post made me think of that.

Anonymous said...

Mists of Avalon garden bed - how cool! To add to the theme, wonder if plant species are, like most hoominz, related within 6 degrees of separation of one another :) Moon flowers and woad sound like fabulous additions to keep the parallels going, surely there are others. Otherwise, don't know of too many plants that cannibalize their own like soulless consumerists. I think that would violate some common rule. ~UUgal