Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Garden Blogging

Asiatic lilies. As you get towards the center, they truly are black; the pictures don't do them justice. Heavenly scent, as well.


Teacats said...

Oh my Goddess! Just divine! Imagine a bouquet of those flowers for a bride! Or as a wonderful centerpiece for a Feast -- maybe a Midsummer's Night Feast? White linen tablecloth, Royal Crown Derby "Aves" china in black, black glasses and silver candlesticks with black and white candles. (yes I do have a rather vivid imagination! LOL!)

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

chicago dyke said...

fucking outstanding. i give that one a Marine Corps salute!

i want some of these. but can you frakking believe the price? 10 for $5 not counting shipping. they know we're junkies, clearly.

Hecate said...


You should be a party planner! That MSN Feast sounds fit for Queen Mab!

Hecate said...


Damn, those are pretty. If they make seeds, you'd only have to buy them the first year.

Thalia Took said...

I'm so jealous. My area is I swear the epicenter for those nasty lily leaf-eating beetles. Before they came in a few years ago I had lilies with stems and inch and a half thick. Now they've either died or are so besieged they are just puny little spindly things. :(