Monday, September 13, 2010

People Keep Doing It. I'm Going to Keep Complaining About It.

Count the mistakes, girls and boys. Extra points if you list them in comments.

Whooo, baby. This is like a compendium of how not to do it.

And, by the way, there are many religions that are not xian that also are not Pagan. I'm thinking Judaism, Islam, Latter Day Saints, Eckanar, etc., etc., etc. Spouting misinformation is no way to "clear up the misconceptions about [P]aganism."

Picture found here.

Update, kudos to Greta Cuyler: 610-371-5042 or for understanding the rules of capitalization. It's not her fault that people who should know better go around announcing, "We're not Satanists," thereby causing everyone in the room to think of an elephant.


Thalia said...

Oooh! I'll play!

Although I think you just about covered them all—the lack of capitalization for 'Paganism', the idiot quote (which I really hope was mangled on the reporter's end, but who knows) about what Paganism isn't, instead of what it is and the whole Dick-and-Jane tone to it. Pagans worship nature. Pagans do not worship the devil. See Spot run. Run, Spot, run! WTF?

I note with some surprise (not really) that Greta Cuyler is not following the AP style guide! Shame shame Ms. Cuyler!

I have so little patience for this these days.

Teacats said...

Sigh. O.K. once again -- this is another case where a well-prepared Press Kit might help the situation.

OTOH -- I AM the person in my family who DOES deal with the elephant in the room. I pat its trunk and take it around and introduce it to folks who continue to ignore it OR think it is one of my cats in disguise. My family is likely to say: "Did you HAVE to say something??" My answer: "Yes. I did. Because it is still there and taking up space -- in spirit"

Therefore I DO understand why Pagan/NeoPagan/Heathen event organizers continue to voice the "not Satanists" thought at the start -- because otherwise that pesky nasty thought remains hanging in the air -- like a elephant-sized mosquito. We (as a wide-ranging community) have a ways to go before the "Satanists" issue is NOT in the air! Especially in certain areas of the country.

So here's hoping for a Press Kit that could be made available for such events and their organizers. With explanations, ideas -- even video links -- for the local press.

Jan at Rosemary Cottage (where dust bunnies are organized and changing into dust rhinos ...)