Friday, September 17, 2010

Taking G/Son, Tomorrow, to the RenFaire

My only real objectives are to listen to bagpipes and to get him in the kilts of his mama's Scottish ancestors.

Last year, we walked in, he on his fadder's shoulders, and he looked at the pennants a-flying, and said, "Oh, Nonna. Isn't it so beautiful?"



Teacats said...

O aye -- there's a fine crop of laddies! All the best to yerself for a true lovely time!


O course -- we'll be sitting here waitin' on yer report back here ..... LOL!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Vivienne Grainger said...

Usually I'm more or less allergic to Irish music, but "Donald" is worth a listen ... or six ... even w/out the visuals. Nice bums, though, you lot.

City Wiccan said...

Irish music? Try Scottish.

I'm never quite sure what I think about the kilt . . . I'm sure my Scottish ancestors are rolling in their graves by that comment. Kind of sexy but not sure I'd wear one.

Lavanah said...

At "my" RenFaire, there are several very small boys who wear kilts (and for the smallest, it does make diaper changing easier for the parents). They usually end up collecting enough admiring glances that it make the bigger boys (read: adults) quite envious. They also seem to grow up into men who are comfortable with themselves and with others.

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