Sunday, November 28, 2010

Taking Allies Wherever They Are Found


Aisha said...

that was amazing to see, it's funny in this day and age to forget that HRH Charles was more than the man married to HRH Diana. Thanks for sharing this
Blessed Be

Hecate said...


Watching that video, one almost wishes that QEII would step down and give him a bully pulpit.

Lavanah said...

This has been his cause for a very long time. And, in the beginning he was called an elitist for it (I dare say there are plenty of other reasons that he might still have earned the epithet). To those that paid any attention to him, the idea of farming without pesticides and the encouraging of the artisanal and hand made was his encouraging of the return of the Middle Ages.

Anonymous said...

He has often been dismissed as a kook who talks to his plants but like Al Gore, he knows where of he speaks. The difference is that he has enough money to survive when others don't so it is safe for him to speak out. That said, I continually wonder why our politicians in the US sell us out to corporations with no thought to how the world will be for their own children or grandchildren. Being bought out now does not guarantee safety for your descendants. I have to presume that the politicians do not care about anyone but themselves.