Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Deep in the Cellars of the Tower

Maybe it's the slowly-growing light. Maybe it's the mystically epic winds that have been blowing new ideas all over my snug little cottage. Maybe it's the way that the still-long-dark nights dance in my consciousness, but, whatever the reason, my dreams lately have been far more capable of making an impression than normal.

A few nights ago, I dreamt that my mother and my sister-the-antagonist were teaching G/Son an evilly racist form of Asatru (and, believe me, neither of them ever even imagined anything such as Asatru) devoted to Horus (I know. What can I say? It was a dream). In particular, they were teaching him a set of movements designed to mimic water-birds and to invoke some (in my dream) particularly racist form of Horus/Asatru worship. I was almost beside myself with anger, and I called them out on their behavior. I stormed outside to the front of my childhood home, where they had hooked my car up to their dilapidated car in an attempt to repair theirs. There was a license plate removed from their car (that I can almost see, but can't remember) that held the entire message of the dream. I got in my car and drove off, unhooking my car from theirs, and lecturing the First Ex-Mr. Hecate about just how angry I was. I always pay attention to the dreams where I tell him that.

Then, last night, the serious winds woke me up and made me realize how cold and bitter it was outside and how safe and warm I was inside. Maybe it was that I'd been thinking about Thalia's gift from her sister and how much I've been thinking about gifting myself with Jung's Red Book, but something drew me off into a dream about a red-stone house beside the road with a huge round turret out front. At first, I was, in my dream, driving past the house, just admiring the turret and the ornaments set around it. Then, I realized that, from my car, I could see right into one of the 4th story windows, and I thought, "That would be my bedroom, visible to all who drove by." In a moment, like Alice through the looking glass, I was inside the windows and realized that, no, this wasn't a bedroom, it was a lovely drawing room. There was a party beginning, and many of the guests had brought with them mask-faced guards out of a chess game. I wandered in and greeted the hostess, aware that she wanted to sell the house. I wound down the steps, a bit less enchanted with each level of the underworld that I explored. Wow, her kitchen's not as good as mine, by a long shot. Her bedroom's not nearly as nice as mine. I could make this kitchen good, but when I mention to her that I'd turn that low, industrial sink into a fireplace, she says to me: "Of course, you can't." She tells me that the house is selling for "75," but I can't figure if she means $75,000, $7,500,000 or what. I exit the home at the very ground level and begin climbing back up the outside steps. I realize that there are shrubs blocking each of the steps, and I like the outside garden a lot more than I like the inside lower levels. As I decided when I bought this cottage, the outside has more potential than it shows. Sheesh.

And I wake to write down the dream and realize that I'll spend a few years figuring it out.

Do you have dreams like this in the cold wind? Do you record your dreams? What magic work do you do with them?

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Lady Grace Dreamweaver said...

I often dream of buildings, especially schools. Not surprising being that I've spent most of life in schools of one form or another.

I was taught that buildings are parts of our psyche and are representative of our lives. I have often dreamed of uneven floors, classrooms either over filled with chairs of empty of them. Crowded halls and people who don't listen. Boarding schools and red scarves. For me, those buildings have come to mean new beginnings and leaving the old places behind. Each of those dreams have been very significant.

Hmmm...I just graduated again. I haven't dreamed of a school since last winter.

Anne Johnson said...

Buildings often represent the self, but in this case I don't think so, since you met the "owner" and she wanted to sell it. I think this dream reflects a satisfaction with your life as it is -- you aren't tempted to try a new "home." The dream about GS is easier, pure protection and love that only an abuela can feel. You don't want him to suffer at the hands of those who hurt you.

In my dreams I make a living interpreting dreams.

Anonymous said...

The magic I've worked with my dreams is gaining understanding of my life. Can't really ask more of dream than that ....

ZenMouser said...

Hecate, these are fabulous. Thanks for sharing. You're right that the latter dream is one you could look into over a long period of time and learn from various parts of it - what wonderful imagery. The dreamer holds the keys to the dream.

Like AJ said, I, too, interpret for a living (in my dreams). As Jung would suggest, you are every aspect of your dream (when it's your dream, of course). Yet I get a real sense that you regard the hostess as someone else. A fun angle to play with might be that she is your twin. You do, after all, have a cosmic double-double at work in your perspective, so have at it. Your 4th floors (heart chakra?) are different, yet only separated by glass. Even though you exited on the ground floor, the steps back up had barriers (shrubs), so maybe you weren't supposed to leave too quickly. How does she want to fix it up before moving on?

As for dream #1, it might be fun to just play with drawing what the license plate looked like (as many versions as you'd like - it might change). Was there a state logo/motto or symbol on it? Were there letters & numbers or just letters? What is a license plate?
I also think it's interesting they were mimicking movements of water-birds - imo, another allusion to a chimera of your cosmic double-double. They're not you. They're not even good (toxic) mimics of you. But...apparently you do have a twin (who likes to draw). Enjoy : )

Aquila ka Hecate said...

The way you described these dreams was amazing - I could feel myself dreaming them with you.

Terri in Joburg

Diandra said...

Sometimes I will write down my dreams (like that one:, but I am not a gifted dreamer, I'm afraid... as soon as I start waking up, my brain starts trying to make sense of what I dreamed, and the dreams will fall to pieces.

Marya said...

Such rich symbolism, Hecate.

Horus the falcon-headed sky god with his symbolic fractions. The antagonists teaching G/S to imitate waterbirds, amphibians that both fly and swim, but they themselves have no mobility, they need to link to you, your car. Something needs to be repaired. What is a licence plate? It signifies ownership, legality, identity, the power of numbers, the right to drive. Their licence plate has been removed (taken away from them?) and you look at it but can’t decipher it. This is the core, a message that is withheld. The time is not yet ripe. [My projective fantasy of course. I love hearing how others read my dreams, the commonality and differences.]

Jung’s tower at Bollingen. He buys land on the shore of a Swiss lake when his mother dies. For twelve years he builds a ‘maternal’ castle of stone with towers that will echo the structure of the psyche. After the death of his wife he adds an extension to symbolize the ‘extension of consciousness achieved in old age.’ As he approaches death he sees the ‘other Bollingen’, a golden tower on the far side of the lake ready for him to inhabit.

Anonymous said...

I have been having intense dreams since the Full Moon Yule Lunar Eclipse. I don't write them down, but throughout the day and week the meanings usually come about in my day to day. However, some mornings I wake up and know immediately what they were about. The Astral Travels are the ones that exhaust me. I wake up after 8 hours of sleep feeling like I slept for 30 minutes. I find this happening to me more often at the turn of each Season.

Hecate said...

Wow. Thanks to all of my very insightful readers. I'm going to print these comments out and paste them into my journal. Namaste.

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