Friday, December 31, 2010

A Spell for a New Decade

Respect for our planet.

Time outside in nature for our children.

Clean water.

Local produce.

Jobs for those who want to work.

Love of poetry.

A place for women.

Respect for wisdom, education, knowledge, experience.

A warm spot at the fire for Grandmothers.

An understanding, much greater than we've had, that we are all connected. Actions based upon that understanding.

A transformative woman president.

A much better role for men and fathers in our culture.



More salmon.

Councils of women.

Co-ops that grow sunflowers to remove toxins from the soil.


Women who use technology and social media to work magic.

A serious progressive movement.

An end to the duality and other evils of patriarchy. Bye-bye.

A free press.

Stories that are true.

A focus on ensuring that mothers' milk is safe. Everything else: second.

The rule of law. No, really.

Retirement for old women.

(Feel free to add your own.)

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Double Jointed Fingers said...


Anonymous said...

So Mote It Be.

Lucy Fur Leaps said...

the value of being and not doing

Marya said...

An end to global persecution of witches.

Because it's not about Africa, it is about ancient misogyny and fear of women's power.

Blessings and joy to you in 2011, Hecate.

Green Womyn said...


Melissa said...

For some Awen to inspire people to believe in something more than Television, clothes, ect.

Teacats said...

Learn, love, craft and create in home, hearth and garden.

Learn to move in body, soul and spirit and travel and glean from others.

Alchemy and Illumination.

Health and Wealth Balanced by Wisdom, Wit and Compassion.

Gather in the threads and spin them out too!

KJBrooklyn said...

food for those who hunger and are not fed