Thursday, December 09, 2010


Is it just me, or are the Fae, in fact, out in greater force than normal this cold December? Has the Wild Hunt, in fact, been out riding more frequently and with more force than is usual?

Driving home along Spout Run (admittedly, one of the most Fae-inhabited spots in DC) late Tuesday night, I had to roll up my car windows (which I usually keep down even in the coldest temps) and call loudly to Bride the Bright and Vesta the Virtuous in order to make it home to my own snug cottage. And, somehow, a part of me is, even still, wandering those chilly banks, trailing my cape and soaking my boots in those icy waters, finding myself irrevocably lost, twigs in my hair and dirt under my nails, as I look for the entrance to the hill from whence those dancing tunes still beckon. It's a killing cold, and, yet, and yet . . . .

And, tonight, standing for a moment in the bones of my winter garden, talking with the lovely crescent Moon, something suddenly chilled my blood. "My" fox walked out into the middle of the yard, stared at me and said, "Go. Inside. Now."

And so, I did.

Picture found here.


Myster said...

I'm not too sure, but it sounds like it by your story.. I know one thing I've noticed a lot more around me are orbs. I tend to see them, but not very often and I've been seeing a lot more lately all over the place. I'm not sure if I'm just becoming more aware... or if it's a busy time of year.

Persephone said...

I feel electricity, prickles dancing on my skin. The night feels crowded. Instead of spending time under the moon, I find myself moving quickly to get inside. Thank you for identifying what I've been feeling.