Sunday, December 05, 2010

What, There Weren't Any Hungry to Feed or Sick to Cure?

Good grief, Charley Brown.

SOLDOTNA - An Alaska store owner says a wooden cross wrapped to the store sign in Soldotna was an unwelcome act of vandalism that goes against her pagan and spiritual beliefs.
The Peninsula Clarion reported 45-year-old Rondell Gonzalez arrived Thursday at her store, the Pye' Wackets on the Kenai Spur Highway, and found a makeshift cross about 7 feet tall attached to her business sign with plastic food wrap.
Gonzalez says she believes in spiritualism rather than organized religion. She also said her father fought and died in Vietnam for religious and personal freedoms.
Her store specializes in wellness and self-help books, candles, oils and crystals.
Soldotna police say it may be the first vandalism of a religious nature in Soldotna.

So loving and full of light, these xians.

I'll just point out that I can't think of any story in even recent memory involving, for example, pentagrams painted on the outside of a Christian bookstore.

But it's the Christians who are persecuted.

Picture found here.


Teacats said...

Sneaky, nasty little minds with shrivelled and dried-up souls do this kind of act.

And yes -- obviously the ideas of faith, hope and charity were all set aside. Their time and efforts could have been better spent doing work for the poor.

I do believe that this is only the start of such incidents.

Hopefully local Pagans will support her shop!

RetroKali said...

It is fanaticism, a rational mind cannot understand fanaticism, as it is a form of insanity.
I don't think radical Christians "think"...I think they just "do", powered by some sort of ever-thirsty drive that never even reaches the rational part of themselves that they tucked away in a long forgotten part of themselves.
I was a big part of the church, and studying to be a christian minister at one point in my life....I know it all too well. These people don't WANT to think.

Lil said...

Dare I mention that in Germany very very many people look with deep concern on some hm strange American streams ? One of these occurences is the creationism of hm fanatic christians. We look at that with pure no-understanding. It unfortunately only seems logic that pagans are prosecuted then. Makes me frightened and shivering: Reminds sooooo badly of the Reichskristallnacht............


Anonymous said...

A Holiday Thought...

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