Monday, January 17, 2011

Maybe My Favorite Quote, Ever

Bend, motherfucker, bend towards justice.


Hecate said...

Be jubilant my Witchy feet.

Nancy Green said...

Thank you, Hecate, for putting the 'earth' in earth religion.
Engaged Paganism rocks.

Medusa said...

Also my favorite: "...the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice"

Once in a women's circle meeting, when some of the women were discussing their discouragement about things improving in society, both in the US and the world, I commented that I recognized the problems but when I looked back at history, over the long term, I could see improvements, so I felt there was a good possibility things would eventually improve.

One of the women said, "I think you're saying what Martin Luther King said."

"I am?" I said, at that point ignorant of this quote (even though it was at least a decade after Aug. 1963).And she said the words quoted above (I read somewhere that he was actually quoting someone else? In any event, he used this at least one other time, written).

I didn't know about the extent of suppression of female divine at that point--didn't know how easy it was to write stuff out of history. And giving the back sliding I see in many areas, I don't know if I can be quite as optimistic today. But thinking that way keeps me from getting overly negative about the situation(s).