Saturday, January 08, 2011

No One Could Have Anticipated

Season of Misogyny.

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Nancy Green said...

I'd rather deal with witches in person, or on Facebook, than on the screen.
There's a movie called 'Smoke Signals' that is written and produced by Native Americans, excellent movie and unusual in that it's not the majority defining the minority.
If I win the lottery I'll make a movie called 'Season of the Pope'.

Aisha said...

I LOVE smoke signals "Victor,Victor" OMG it is totally awesome.
whenever i see the commercial i usually mute it, it just looks annoying and i almost stopped listening to the son Season of the witch then i said screw Nick cage, i love this song. i feel sorry for him, he's desperate to get some good movies and some income, but this is a flop in the making
thanks for sharing the link
be blessed

nanoboy said...

I was reading the original Robert E. Howard "Conan" shortstories. They're awesome but rather misogynist (an racist for that matter.) The writing is just so good, though, that you have to look past that stuff and see it for what it is. Don't worry, though, I'm now working on the latest of Terry Pratchett's Tiffany Aching book. The heroes of the two books couldn't be more different: Conan, the brutish warrior who collides with his enemies head-on with steel and raw manliness; and Tiffany Aching, the young witch who works to understand the world with empathy and kindness. Both are fun in their own ways, though.

However, given that Season of the Witch is a movie with Nicholas Cage that came out in the January/February slump, it's probably just crap, misogynistic crap, no less.

N. said...

Went to see movie Seasons of the Witch on Saturday. I absolutely love Nicholas Cage. Though I didn't absolutely love this movie. I was intrigued by this movie's title. I should have read reviews before I went. The time line was all wrong. Dates did not match events, this is Hollywood however. They always portray witches poorly. But that is what was written about at the time, mainly because it is representative of men's fear or jealousy of powerful or different women of the time. Note it is called "HIS Story" History. Women did not have a voice. It was a very grotesque movie. I felt I was watching a medieval version of the Exorcist. I have had an uncomfortable feeling since seeing this production. Though I have to admit despite evertything that Nicholas Cage did an excellent acting job. I am certain that all the people who were murdered as witches were nothing more than common folks.