Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Love in Hiding from the Soul; the Soul Determined to Gaze Upon Love

Just before the full moon on the 13th, I was a part of a ritual based on the myth of Psych and Eros. It's an interesting relationship, the one between our Soul and our Love, isn't it?

Almost immediately, I began to have VERY INTERESTING DREAMS. You know, the kind that you remember easily, that keep coming back to you throughout the day, more as a feeling than anything else. There were two general themes to these dreams.

In some of them, I'm in the middle of a move related to renovations to my workplace and I'm having to deal with stuff all over the place, records left in inconvenient places, spreadsheets left by the former occupant that will have to be moved before I can be effective in this new space. I'm still puzzling quite a bit over what these dreams mean. I have no intention of changing jobs and although we recently went through some renovations, they didn't inconvenience me at all and, in fact, resulted in my moving to a larger, nicer office. So, whatever they're about, I think they're not about my work, but I may be mistaken.

In the second set of dreams, I'm downstairs in the basement of my house. Sometimes, it's a new house I've just acquired and I am getting my first chance to explore the basement. It's lovelier than I could have imagined, with richly-patterned wallpaper all over the place and a secret courtyard with a fountain in the rain. What you have to know is that I love fountains better than almost anything else in the world and that fountains in the rain are a sign to me of divine grace. They're so amazingly redundant. A watery planet with water that is used to decorate and delight, water shooting into the air, and water falling down from the sky. As above, so below and as below, so above. So finding a courtyard in my own basement with a fountain in the rain is like finding, well, like finding out that the world is really wonderful, after all. Sometimes, I'm in the basement of my real own home and everything's safe and I hear THE BAD SCARY NOISE upstairs. I immediately go up, even though I'm scared and I wake myself up saying, "There's no need to be evil; there's no need to go to evil."

What's funny, is that I've been a casual student of Jung for years, and it wasn't until today that I realized, "Duh. Basement: subconscious. Upstairs: conscious. Duh." So, I'm still puzzling out what I'm trying to tell myself, but I think I may be one step closer. Do you record your dreams? Do you have dreams that reoccur? Have you ever learned something about yourself from a dream?

One final note. I took a class a few months ago from a teacher who mentioned that one of his teachers had told him to try to focus on his hands in his dreams. Ever since then, I've been trying, with no success so far, to notice my hands in my dreams. But I have reached the point that as soon as I wake up from a dream, I notice my hands. Can you give yourself an instruction while you're awake and carry it out in your dreams? Dreams are so full of our fears. Do dreams have anything to do with thriving?


olvlzl said...

I dreamt that I was trying to save a red parrot in the front yard of the house I grew up in that night. No idea where it came from . I've also had dreams about helping a bear and a wolf in the same place at different times.

Deebee said...

As a casual student of Jung as well I offer a couple of thoughts about your dreams. Jung said our dreams serve to compensate for or compliment our conscious lives. Which is it for you? I think you're right that they have nothing to do with your work per se but I wonder what in your conscious life is in need of renovation? What's with all the clutter that really isn't yours but you have to deal with? How about researching the origins of the word renovation. Your unconscious seems to be able to envision beauty and the things you treasure. How can you bring that to consciousness and into your waking life?

Anonymous said...

I love it when dreams have interesting symbols. At a time when I was suicidal, I had a dream about inviting an owl to perch on my arm. My mother scared it off and I was not pleased. My therapist thought it was death. I thought it was Hecate (the non-blogging, deity) since she tends to appear to me in times of stress.

Hecate said...

Wow, very interesting responses. Deebee has given me a lot to think about. Olvlzl, I think re-occurring dreams are the most fascinating. Like you, my details sometimes change, but the dream is "really" the same. Anonymous, I'd have guessed Athena for the owl since it was her symbol. And she was the goddess of logical thought and strategy.

Mooser said...

"Do dreams have anything to do with thriving?"

I wonder how you can ask that. Of course they do!

If you are lucky enough to have a rich, and hopefully pleasant dream-life you have something of inestimable value, and one which I have no doubt is a real aid to thriving.
Now I'm not sure if it's the dreams themselves, or the conditions in your life that allow you to get the kind of sleep which is replete with good dreams, many layered, textured, rife with personal symbols, but I have no doubt that a good dream-life is a valuable thing. A big aid to thriving.