Monday, June 19, 2006


Miniver Cheevy blogs about Juneteenth. He's got a lovely idea for symbolic reparations, but symbolism isn't enough. And, I wonder if he's right that these coins would circulate, or if they'd become family keepsakes. It would be interesting to find out, though.

My family came to America long after the Civil War, but as a white American I've reaped the benefits of slavery's ugly legacy -- the privilege that comes from being white in a racist society. Reparations can never "make it ok." But they are the right thing to do.


elizabeth said...

I've always thought that the reparations argument is slightly mis-focused. Rather than seeking reparations for slavery, which would be problematic for many reasons (who was affected? who pays?), the focus ought to be seeking reparations for Jim Crow. That was recent, the effects are relatively easy to trace, and the affected are easier to determine.

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