Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Finally, Some Sanity Out Of Kansas

NYT notes that the whack-job fundies who wanted to use Kansas' schools to shove their stupid, pointless, anti-science religious views down everyone's throats received a serious setback yesterday when Kansas voters on Tuesday handed power back to moderates on the State Board of Education, setting the stage for a return of science teaching that broadly accepts the theory of evolution, according to preliminary election results.

With just 6 districts of 1,990 yet to report as of 8 a.m. Central time today, two conservatives — including incumbent Connie Morris, a former west Kansas teacher and author who had described evolution as “a nice bedtime story” — appear to have been defeated decisively by two moderates in the Republican primary elections. One moderate incumbent, Janet Waugh from the Kansas City area, held on to her seat in the Democratic primary.

Thank goodness. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a trend.


TheaLogie said...

I LOVE that cartoon. Where's it from?

Rebecca said...

Yay! Its always nice to see a little bit of good news once in a while. Its so rare. Go Kansas!

Realist said...

Kansans tend to be pretty conservative in general, but we DO have our limits. Example: Kathleen Sibelius sits in the governor's office today because the state GOP insisted on running a fundy whackjob named Tim Schallenburger against her.

The astute observer will note that the state GOP is making the same mistake this time around, pretty much ensuring Sibelius's re-election.