Tuesday, August 01, 2006

No Comment Needed

Barbara Boxer explains what we're up against:

Just to give you one more example of the hypocrisy we face every day: Last week, I managed opposition to a bill called the "Child Custody Protection Act."

In essence it says if a minor goes to her grandmother, or her clergy person, or a loving, caring adult -- because she is afraid to tell her parents of a pregnancy and get their consent -- that caring adult can be sued and put in jail if he or she takes the young woman across a state line. Reseach shows that most women go to their parents already, and those who don't usually come from violent homes.

No exceptions were in the bill until I fought and fought all day last Tuesday to force the Republicans to take away all the rights of a father who raped his daughter. Can you believe it? Their bill would have allowed the rapist father to sue the grandmother in such a case, yet it would have allowed him to take the daughter across state lines.

They first tried to stop me from offering my amendment. Senator Feinstein had an amendment to exempt grandparents and clergy but because the Senator was ill and not present, they would not allow anyone else to offer the amendment.

I tell you all this because here we have a crowd running every branch of the government who tells the American people THEY have the values that ought to be rewarded at the polls, and yet they would put a grandmother in jail and allow a father guilty of incest to retain all his rights.

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