Friday, October 06, 2006

The Party Of Hurting Children

Rosa Brooks explains that Foley was just taking the Republicans' policies to their logical extreme:

This combination of irresponsible tax cuts and out-of-control spending guaranteed that there would be little left over for the crucial social programs American children need, such as meaningful spending on healthcare, job-creation and anti-poverty programs.

The result was predictable. From 2000 to 2005, the number of American children living in poverty went up by 1.3 million, and the likelihood that any given child is poor increased by 9%. (Incidentally, Washington, D.C. — the one region of the United States under the direct control of Congress — had higher child poverty rates than any state in the nation, with 32.2% of children living under the poverty line in 2005.)

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Soprano said...

And, yet, the Thugs say that job creation and health care are crucial to the development of democracy in Afghanistan. Got an e-mail from the Nashville Nosferatu this morning that said, and I quote:

"To prevent the Taliban from succeeding we must win the hearts and minds of the Afghans targeted for recruitment through job creation and government provision of enabling services such as education and health care. A government that is free, democratic and respectful of human rights and that at the local level creates jobs and a better life will defeat the Taliban’s aggressive initiatives."

I guess our own children don't need these things--and none of the Thugs seem to notice, much less to care, that Bush's war in Iraq is killing children left and right. Of course, I guess they don't need health care if they're dead.

Thugs make me very unhappy. Hypocrisy just isn't a strong enough term any more.