Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hope Of Deliverance

From today's EEI newsletter:

Study Says Cutting Non-CO2 Emissions Would Buy Time for CO2 Cuts

A study by an international team of climate scientists found that a short-term focus on efforts to cut non-CO2 emissions would provide a larger window for cutting CO2 emissions in time to restrain the impact of climate change, the Christian Science Monitor reported today.

Lead study author James Hansen warned that CO2 emissions should be cut from their projected levels over the next 10 years by such measures as building fewer fossil fuel-based plants in order to achieve "the alternative scenario" proposed by the study. The study stated that the 10-year window represents a period in which companies need to adjust their spending plans to reflect the goal of cutting CO2 emissions. It cautioned that failing to prevent a 1 degree Celsius rise in global temperatures from their 2000 levels would cause "dangerous" impacts to the global climate.

Team member Gavin Schmidt was quoted as saying: "This is good news. There is scope for effective action, even though it will fall short of stopping human-caused climate change completely."
Christian Science Monitor , May 30.

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