Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Want A Women's Revolution Like A Lover.

You need to read this. No, really. You need to read this.

[Y]ou can reach out and change the state and its institutions, which we recognize as revolution, or you can make your own institutions beyond the reach of the state, which is also revolutionary. This creating -- rather than simply rebelling -- has been much of the nature of revolution in our time, as people reinvent family, gender, food systems, work, housing, education, economics, medicine and doctor-patient relations, the imagination of the environment, and the language to talk about it, not to speak of more and more of everyday life. The fantasy of a revolution is that it will make everything different, and regime revolutions generally make a difference, sometimes a significantly positive one, but the making of radical differences in everyday life is a more protracted, incremental process. It's where leaders are irrelevant and every life matters.

/hat tip Altercation


r@d@r said...

always a big fan of the "Tom Dispatch". i'm going to look up solnit's books from the library - we all need a shot in the arm like this, right about now.


donna said...

Thanks for that. Good read. I quoted some parts I liked on my blog, too.