Friday, January 18, 2008


Is this a natural part of aging or the sign of an oncoming trip to the Summerlands, these increasingly frequent holes in the veil? I need elders, damnit, who could answer this kind of question. Meanwhile, I like it, a lot.

Today's portal was the article that Sia linked.

[T]o bring back [the] ancient days of the Land, when the kings were the Land, and the line between nature and civilization was not so keen. So here again we see that the way back into the First World is marked by the hoof–prints of the deer and the ability to see, for a time, the world through its eyes.

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spectral_ev said...

way cool. i have a thin veil story. i was working in a nursing home, and a lady there was ancient and so demented that she did not recognize her husband and needed total care in every way. a young nurses aid was washing her and talking to her, just to pass the time. she said she was going out dancing, the old lady said, 'dance while you can.'
a true voice from the other side. i also have been feeling holes in the veil at age 52, but never saw or heard it discussed. thank you.