Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sound Asleep In Nonna's Bed

We pulled out the pots and Nonna's spoons and whisks and "made" pizza. The pizza man came and we ate pizza and a banana. We watched parts of three Elmo videos. We opened up all the decorative tins in Nonna's kitchen and played with the tea tin that looks like a double-decker bus. We sang, "The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round" and G/Son joined in on "town." We colored in coloring books, especially with the blue crayon, which is our favorite, followed by the brown crayon, followed by the grey crayon. We looked under the bed for Nonna's kitty cat. We had some applesauce. We went downstairs and rode Thomas the choo-choo train. We had a bath. We looked under the dining room table for Nonna's cat. We put on our Spider pajamas. We ran around the house pretending to be jet airplanes. We asked if Nonna had a tent or a tunnel, but Nonna didn't have one. Nonna read "Lamma, Lamma, Red Pajama," instead. We played some more with the double-decker bus tin. We had some Elmo crackers. We looked under the sofa for Nonna's kitty cat. We went downstairs and watched part of the Monsters, Inc. DVD. We looked behind the Morris chair for Nonna's kitty cat. We had a bottle. It's going to be cold tonight, so we went all around the house with Nonna and helped her turn on the faucets so the pipes wouldn't freeze. Nonna sang the Old McDonald's song, including "Old McDonald had a panda bear," and "Old McDonald had a yak" and "Old McDonald had a bunnie." Nonna sang "Me and the Mandolin Holy Man," and G/Son joined in on "rock the national phallus down!" Then, we fell asleep in Nonna's bed. Life is good.


VforVirginia said...

Wow, what a great visit with Nonna that was!

(The tunnel is made with a couple of dining chairs and a sheet, for future reference. Nonna's kitty might be in there -- you never know.)

The child is a major beauty.

ellroon said...

Another kind of tunnel is tilting up sofa cushions with a few as the ceiling. Makes a mess but is quite fun.

I am surprised Nonna had the strength to take pictures because I would have passed out from all the activity myself....

TheOtherWA said...

OMG, he's adorable! What a fun day.

I recently got to visit my niece who's 2 and a half (almost free! as she says) and we read Puff the Magic Dragon. At least 4 times.

It's so much fun to play with little ones who are learning every second and notice all the small things we take for granted. What a reality check!

Anonymous said...

You didn't read 'Neeche' to him?

(he's totally and completely adorable, btw).

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins

Shaw Kenawe said...

How wonderful. I envy your being able to have a Nonna day with him. He's a beautiful child.

I see my young grandson, Evan James, who lives in Orange County, CA, only once a year.

Here he is visiting his uncle in Manhattan Beach.

Here's to you Nonna!

candymarl said...

He's beautiful. He reminds me of my son when he was small. That sleeping angel look is universal. Now I'm waiting for a grandchild. Someday. Sigh.