Saturday, February 16, 2008

Passing It On

I hope you weren’t expecting any early Saturday morning blogging, faithful Hecate readers.

I’ve been having an interesting experience at work this past couple of months. A new hire joined the team and was put my office that I share with another person. Officially the office is supposed to be for three, but in reality it’s damn tiny and at least to this introvert, less private than a cubicle. G was born a year after I graduated from college. I’m friendly cheerfully showing her the ropes at work, but expect this lovely young women more interested in clubs and stuff that like rather than spending additional time with a quiet slightly eccentric 45 year old. I’m agreeably surprised when she keeps asking me to get lunch. When time permits join her rather than eating at my desk with my newspaper which had been by habit. She talks of boys, uncertainties, changes, moving to a new place, all the drama of being 22. I remember those times, and draw on those experiences.

I start feeling a call from the Goddess and my ancestresses in spirit telling me that she is unsettled and I can help. So I do, I think. I tell her stories of my wonderful circle, since I feel oddly comfortable telling her about that part of my life which I normally keep quiet. I do not tell her to recruit her to my circle since that isn’t our way but to tell her of the strong, accomplished, independent women I am fortunate to know since I know she is on her way to be one. I tell her of the careers, wild hobbies and adventures, loves, some choosing to be alone, others marrying and having children, trying balance out the responsibilities. I tell her about the circle rallying around a former sister stricken with breast cancer and even those not particularly acquainted providing aid and comfort because that what women do. We talk about relationships and when do you work on saving one and when do you decide to walk away. I’m amazed sometimes as the wisdom that comes within. I see in her eyes that while I haven’t given her the answers I give her a lot to think about.

Sadly she has decided to move back to more familiar ground, though I support her, since that’s strong women do. I wonder if the reason she came here was that so we could meet and connect. She talks of getting together this summer and maintaining our friendship, visiting. I certainly hope so since we are both the better from this friendship. So Mote It Be.

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