Monday, February 11, 2008

Voting For Hillary

Tomorrow morning at 6:30, I'm going to get in line at the little community center two blocks from my house and I'm going to to vote for a woman for president. I'm a few weeks shy of 52. Tomorrow will be the first time that I've gotten to do that. My mother never got to do that. When my grandmothers were born, women couldn't vote at all. Tomorrow, I'm voting for a woman. I don't expect to do it dry-eyed, but wild horses won't stop me from doing it.

Thank you, Hillary Clinton. Thank you, Susan Anthony. Thank you, nameless feminists.

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brokenarrow said...

Have enjoyed stopping by here for about a year now, many thanks.

I am not at all pleased that HRC was not present for the FISA bill today.......not in DC on the day of the primary......that is strange.

There is no excuse for not being there to vote today.....none, zip, nada, zilch.