Sunday, February 03, 2008

Signs of Spring

Daffodils pushing up on the western edge of the woodland garden. Yes, I need to do something about the ivy.


Rent Party said...

I noticed last night that the air was warming up in that spring-like way: its texture gets deeper and the night sounds reverberate through it, magnified, or in a series of echoes. The world seems to go more into 3-D.
It was Groundhog Day, so...

Anyway I do not write poems normally but I felt like writing a poem on it. A short one but it would take all day to get it right if I sit down and 'work' on it, it will have to come to me.

D-I-L said...

what do I do about the squirrels eating my tulips as they push up through the earth!? Any suggestions? D-I-L

Hecate said...


I think you can buy some cayenne spray to spray on the leaves or you can put some wire mesh down and hope that keeps them off; S. may have a better idea, though??