Sunday, February 03, 2008

Well, No, They Don't Necessarily HAVE To Be . . . .

A couple of years ago, I was discussing politics with my housemate Bill, and Kore, my Goddess-daughter, interrupted us.

“Who is Barbara Boxer?” she asked.

“Why Kore,” I said. “She’s our Senator!”

Kore’s eyes lit up. An expression of amazed delight stole over her face. “We have a Senate?” she said. “Like in Star Wars?”

I assured her that we do, albeit without those really cool floating chairs. Then I tried to explain to her the Senate, the House, the system of checks and balances.

“Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein are our Senators,” I told her, “And Nancy Pelosi is our representative.”

“Do they all have to be girls?” she asked.

Damn. Just, damn. I am with my mother's mother's mothers. And I am with my great-granddaughter's granddaughters.


mana andromeda said...

I just found your blog when I was searching for Hecate and I am really glad I did, cuz I'm pretty sure I'll find a lot of interesting stuff in here :) Hope you had a nice Imbolc by the way.

Hugs / Mana Andromeda

Lavanah said...

When my girls were little, the family doctors, the dentist, the attorney were all women. At age 5, my older daughter asked me if boys could grow up to be lawyers, too.

Hecate, just so you know-your blog is the first I check, every evening.

Murphy said...

Hecate -- I spent the day at the Hillary headquarters today with my daughter in Boston. She's 16 and we both love your writing (here and at Atrios). She got to see the first woman president face to face today. Your comments at Atrios about why you're such a staunch Hillary supporter are what finally inspired me to get working for Hillary and to take this opportunity as seriously as I can -- for my own daughters, and for everyone else's as well. (Plus she's the best candidate in the race today, obviously)
Thank you for your tireless self -- You're great!