Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mother Jones

Yeah, I said it.

A Virginia lawyer who only gave me her blog handle, Hecate, said that Clinton's fight was ultimately thwarted by the forces she was trying to overcome. "Any woman who gets close to a position of power gets treated badly," she said. "The calls to drop out wouldn't have happened if she were a man. The attitude was that she needs to let the deserving man have his job." She added, "This election has ripped the cover off things we like to hide. Lots of young women and female bloggers have had their eyes opened to how sexist our society is."

Update: NTodd says it better than I did.


Nancy Willing said...

I am not convinced that rampant sexism is what did the Clinton campaign in. But, if prevalent sexism is now a focus of righteous women everywhere, more power to us.

Anonymous said...

Rampant sexism is so pervasive that it's not even recognisable as extra-ordinary. Much less significant.

Nice citation, Hecate. I'd add it to your vita....

pie said...

Yay, Hecate!

Their policy positions may have been "similar", but I've come to realize that they were miles apart in terms of the time it took to develop and harden those positions, embrace them and learn how to fight for them. She has the battle scars to prove it. I hope Americans will still benefit from the qualities and experience she brings to the table.

We always said we wanted a fighter who would stand up for us, who wouldn't back down in the face of adversity, nonstop criticism and faux outrage. When we got one, some refused to see it. The stuff they threw at her was a joke, because, yes, even Obama is guilty of many of the same things. They're politicians, and he belongs to the same club. I never have heard one good reason why he is the better choice that actually resonates or has any basis in fact. It's all that nebulous hope, change and unity pony crap. I don't buy it.

Very disappointing. More and better democrats? Yes! And we need more like her. I hope he has learned from her, as he claims, but the lessons certainly aren't over!!

We also learned a lesson about the state of patriarchy the hard way, although you always saw the reality of it. But she showed us what we must do. May it lead to enlightenment and a future where we stand on more equal footing.

You're the best, Hecate. Thanks.

ntodd said...

Nice job, Hec. I have some thoughts playing off yours...

Anonymous said...

I admire Senator Clinton's fighting until the end. Would that Al Gore had refused to concede until he had every shred of evidence on election night 2000! One thing that seems pervasive and bitterly disappointing-- and eye-opening-- was that the cadre of middle-aged male "progressive" writers almost to a man could not deal with a powerful woman who must have reminded them of their mother-- or their wife. Michael TOmasky's Guardian essay ranting about Hil's "emasculating" Bar comes to mind. Thank you Hecate as always. You are a beacon for your wisdom and activism!
--report from the heartland

Anonymous said...



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