Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My New Name For A Blog

What Suzie Said.

There is something to it being class based, as I’ve discussed before and will continue to evaluate – a smug sense that somehow prejudice against [the] lower class . . . is justified, and thus you shouldn’t defend those kinds of people. It’s also not a mistake that the bulk of the people gulping this sewage are white and male. It would appear that the upper class white males of the Democratic Party have more in common with the upper class white male Republicans than they care to admit. It is not a mistake, I think, that the people on the left who responded best to the anti-Clinton spew of this round are socio-economically similar to those on the Right who share their taste in Drudge and sludge.


Trishb said...

All of my family above voting age were for Clinton. But my dad almost got his clock cleaned earlier today when he asked my mother why any woman could vote for McCain in protest, and why were we (some women) were that pissed off about Clinton losing. He voted for Clinton, mind you.

Ha! My mother not only has a look that will shoot you dead, she can point a finger with the last joint pointing down. Scared me as a youngster. I like that in her older days, she's getting dad on board with feminism.

She explained that as long as he held on to his male blinders and privilege, he wouldn't be able to understand. Yah, Mom! She never took womens' studies and laughed when I did 20 years ago. She's getting there, and yes, Hillary helped her there.

Oh, and by the way, Mom and I are both voting for Obama as the Democratic nominee, that's not the issue here.

pie said...

I've decided, especially after the remarks by the men today, that I am not going to go gently.

Sorry, Hecate.

No can do.