Monday, June 09, 2008

Yeah, But, Even Here, Can You Spot The (Not So) Hidden Sexism


Anonymous said...

We can revolt, we can lurk, we can do any dang thing we want to fight against/accept our fate, but nature, both Universal and ours, will not be altered. And the Universe is always, every instant, in a yin-yang balance; it's just that sometimes the scales are loaded at the extreme ends.

There is a reason that "decimation" is a near-synonym for "slaughter" ...

To paraphrase (if I remember correctly) Gavan Daws, writing of the societies of pre-Western contact Pacific Islanders, before the coming of Europeans with their weapons and diseases, the principal engine of population control was constant warfare.

If we're fortunate, humankind will manage to have 10% surviving (=decimation) in the aftermath of catastrophe.

I think I'll go out for an ice-cream cone now.



A Wonderment of Pillows said...

I don't see the sexism. Would you explain it?